HOW I WEREN'T HAVE MY CHILDREN 3 ZeaZoo Yeti Black Sheepskin

ZeaZoo Yeti Black Sheepskin

ZeaZoo Yeti

When the boy grew out of the BOGS and it was necessary to choose new shoes, it was found that this year due to regular pre-school attendance we have much more requirements for the functional characteristics of shoes. In the nursery, while in the garden, we no longer have a son under control, and therefore, more than before, it is necessary to buy shoes not only warm, but also resistant to external moisture and all the ruthless conditions that the playground in the nursery.

I looked at ZeaZoo winter models for a long time and finally we bought them after testing.

The son is a fit walker, a four-year-old runner and has no problems with Velcro fastening. He does not care about the aesthetic fastening of both straps, but despite this he keeps the shoe well and does not evoke. It must be said that it has a wider front but generally a flat leg and despite this the shoes fit perfectly.

At first glance, the ZeaZoo shoe has a striking, brilliant look, and the monochrome leather upper is lined, draped and stitched with thick stitches at the toe. The sole is unobtrusive, equally high along the entire length, sewn to the upper and is slightly raised above the heel and toe. I cannot describe the surface of the skin quite correctly, it is not roughly ground, but not even smooth, glossy. Something in between. Without impregnation, it is wettable. The city's traffic is marked by “maps” of salt and other ingredients used to treat roads, but can be washed well and combined with good skin nutrition with beeswax cream, the shoe is very durable. The already mentioned properties of heat / resistance to external humidity are very important. Thanks to the inner layer of sheep fleece, which covers both the upper and the insole from the inside, it is an excellent thermal insulation material. With the expectation of a completely soaked interior and electric dryers in my hand, I was very pleasantly surprised, after a really abundant wild bobbing, that the shoes were completely dry inside! The high-stitched tongue, which prevents the snow or dirt from falling into boots, certainly contributed to this.

I am very satisfied with the shoes and this year we can talk about good stress conditions for their testing due to the tough winter.