Vivobarefoot Vivobarefoot


History dates back to 2004, when the British company Terra Plana launched onto the market the shoes of this brand. There were the first barefoot shoes with a patented ultra thin sole resistant to abrasion with a protective technology resistant to piercing. This sole offers maximum sensory brain feedback as well  as the greatest possible feet protection. Vivobarefoot shoes have different kinds of thin soles designed for the city, for running on the road, in the field, shoes for nature, fitness and for the mountains, so that everyone can really choose. For all its products, Vivobarefoot emphasizes the minimum environmental burden. When producing they use recyclable materials, materials from local sources and also environmentally friendly production processes, with the emphasis on functionality, comfort and quality. Country of production: China, Cambodia.

Our view: Vivobarefoot shoes enjoy us with their innovations and variety of offer, you can choose shoes with elegant as well as sporty looks.