Viking Rubber Boot Care and Polish Sprej 125 ml Viking Rubber Boot Care and Polish Sprej 125 ml

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How to Wash Your Viking Rubber Shoes

Vikings rubber boots are durable thanks to the use of natural rubber. Following these care instructions will extend the life of your shoes:

Always store rubber boots in a cool place, made of natural rubber and sensitive to sunlight and heat.
If necessary, clean the shoes with lukewarm water and a soft, clean cloth to wash off any dirt or sand. Allow to dry.
The life of rubber boots will be prolonged if you use our rubber care spray once in a while to clean your boots, use a clean and soft cloth.
This prevents the material from cracking, the color is revitalized and the rubber remains elastic.
Remove any moisture in the trunk by pulling out the sole and inserting dry paper towels to remove moisture. Never use a heat dryer or luggage.