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Trzni 974/12, Brno, Czech Republic

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Opening hours of the store:

   MON–FRI    here make a reservation on time you prefer

PLEASE NOTE: the 30 minute interval is for 1 child, if you plan to come with more children, please book the appropriate time units. 

Shopping in Neobuto is very easy for both children and parents

Our small customers can enjoy themselves on the climbing wall or practice their balance on the sensorimotor trail. They will also try tactile sensations of their feet and when they get really tired they can relax in our play corner. In the meanwhile you will discuss with us all about the correct and above all healthy child footwear. Your children won't even notice that we involved them in shopping and into not very popular shoe choosing.

We put ourselves in your shoes when choosing and measuring

To know the ropes, which shoes suit the best according the shape, age and occasion, it sometimes requires an experienced guide. We'll make time for you and explain you the principles of healthy footwear. We will teach you the correct and accurate measurement of the feet, including the Shape Sign system , and by this we narrow the selection to the right type and size. We will be happy to share with you our personal experience with the brands and answer all your questions. 

You can find at us the facilities for baby changing and breastfeeding or food heating

We know that shopping with children is sometimes difficult. That is why we have built the facilities in Neobuto where you can peacefully meet all the needs of our small customers. There is a nursing nook, a changing table, a microwave and, of course, the toilets for children.

How do you reach us?

If you take the tram Nr. 8, 10, 12, you get off on the stop Masna or Zivotskeho.
By the bus line of IDS JMK 31, 33, 44, 47, 49, 74, E76, 77, 84 when you get off on the stop Trzni.

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Drop in for advice not only on choosing barefoot shoes. We will help you to choose the right shoes for every age and occasion and answer a slot of questions about healthy foot development.

We organize lectures and seminars not only about healthy footwear, but also about the overall development of the child. If you are looking for a place where you would like to organize the event for parents and children, we can satisfy you by renting you our premises. Get in touch definitely with your idea.

You can pay by cash or your credit card.