Predestined for big steps Shooshoos Sable 2nd quality

Color: for Girls
Season: Spring Autumn
First Walk: No
Shapesign: Letter A Letter B Letter D Letter E Letter F
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Original price 51,60 EUR
23,60 EUR

Shooshoos shoes will find their fans in children whose physical constitution makes them great steps. Wide spacious shoe gives its small wearers enough space for their wider soles. New models with a new, beautifully flexible sole!

ShapeSign: For D and F feet, enough space must be checked for the little finger, for A and D shoes, the shoe could be wider at the heel, but may suit.

GOODS WITH DEFECT - 2nd quality - possibility of detaching the toe of the shoe, especially under load (eg tripping, crawling etc.)

SoleFlexible rubber sole
UpperSoft leather