COMPLAINT Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

For materials, what is soft is flexible and flexible, what is hard is brittle. You can often see footwear with massive rigid soles that crack and break when used. Most often in front, at the foot of the foot. If we look at some types of conventional children's footwear that have a high rigid sole, we find that it is mighty, heavy, bending rigid, but resistant to abrasion. Barefoot or the type of footwear that we expect the sole to be light, soft and flexible in bending, which best serves the foot to its proper function and healthy development, has completely opposite characteristics and other constitution. The sole is thinner, thinner with a constant height - drop. Materials used for production differ in different manufacturers not only in their chemical composition, but also in mechanical resistance, weight, adhesion to the surface, porosity.

Children's shoes are generally stressed by their small users, and it is not uncommon for the life of a shoe of the same manufacturer to be much shorter in children than an adult. Try yourself and your child if you have the same foot shape :-), buy shoes of the same model series on the same sole and you will find that they will last up to 5 times longer (regardless of foot growth). The most devastating effect on footwear is due to the combination of improper braking with the toe instead of the flat foot. It is very worthwhile here to provide shoes for the time of movement on the reflective protective sleeves, which compared to new shoes can be purchased at a fraction of the price and are virtually indestructible. A similar principle of shoe wear can be seen in children who are not yet fit pedestrians and often climb four in shoes. Here again, both the upper and often the sole in the toe area suffers, and even this damage manufacturers are not willing to recognize as a product defect. Of course.

Such a nice comparison could also be ordinary socks. It is a thin material, they are very pleasant, walking in them does not restrict anything, but after some time, it will serve up, it will end up in places of the highest repeated load and no one can think of it, complain about the defect of the material. It is, in a way, consumer goods, and this is footwear that can either last longer "as new, nice" but cannot be walked around or will wear out soon, but your children will love it for its comfort and wearing comfort. It is an enormous advantage of recent years that we can choose from such a wide range of children's shoes as customers and benefit the healthy development of the feet and hence the whole body of our children.