SEAX Water Repellent 400 ml SEAX Water Repellent 400 ml

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10,80 EUR

Intensive impregnation made using nano technology based on carbon (carbon, PTFE), designed for most types of clothing and footwear, both fashion and sports (leather, synthetics, textiles) in combination with a breathable membrane type Gore -tex, sympatex, etc. water, dirt and other substances into the structure of the material. Tested for water vapor permeability. After application, it forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the material, the so-called lotus effect. It is suitable for impregnation of shoes, clothing, hi-tech equipment, umbrellas, but also tents, sleeping bags and other equipment. Restores teflon® and ion-mask ™ waterproof finishes. When used in winter, reduces the risk of salt spots on the shoe upper. To achieve the ideal hydrophobic effect, we recommend repeated application with respect to the frequency and intensity of use of the impregnated material. Its composition also makes the application more pleasant, as it is almost odorless compared to the competition.