COMPARATIVE REVIEWS Ricosta Ronny vs. Bobux Aktiv

Ricosta Ronny vs. Bobux Aktiv

In the last episode, we discussed models for the wide foot, but it is very common to choose a well-fitting shoe for a narrow foot. Popular models for narrow feet include representatives of brands Bobux and Ricosta. The narrower foot is often tiny subtle individuals, who are also generally muscularly weaker. The muscles are less well secured by the hock alone or in combination with the insignificant supporting structure of the foot - the vaults. The leg is generally extended to length with low instep and narrow heel. The forefoot is usually without any significant enlargement and the thumb is dominant only in about half the cases.

I chose Bobux Aktiv and Ricosta Ronny from the available models.

Bobux Aktiv at first glance impresses with an unconventional concept, generally speaking, the design of Bobux is among the excellent in the market. The shoe looks very timeless. The upper is a combination of leather and textile, the sole is made of very flexible materials, which at the same time resists abrasion while maintaining maximum adhesion to the surface. The sole is glued, without trench in the toe area. The shoe is very light in weight. The inner lining is cotton, around the hock is noticeable soft hem. Fastening is done with Velcro strap. Due to the nature of the upper, where the tongue is part, it is more advanced, which can cause the "heel" heel while walking, in the case of inappropriate model for the foot. On the contrary, its shape and higher profile suits rather higher instep. Workmanship is very good, as is already the case with this brand. The outsole has a bold tread pattern with hexagonal elements and flexible zones. The edges are rounded, offering higher standing lability. This aspect may not suit individuals with more pronounced ankle instability, which is manifested by striking valgosity when standing. However, it should be borne in mind that this lability correlates with the shape and function of the foot and helps to activate the muscles of the foot.

Ricosta Ronny is a full-leather shoe with at first glance a perfectly crafted natural leather. The cut is rugged, the individual parts fit together and the sewing is small, inconspicuous. Even the inner lining is made of fine light leather completely without bumps, seams or knots. Fastening is by two Velcro straps guided through bushings. The design and the cut concept offer very good low instep foot stability. The honey-colored outsole is pleasantly soft to the touch and ensures good adhesion, the tread pattern is also in the spirit of hexagonal geometric elements. The upper is also glued stitched around the perimeter. Sufficient trench overlaps the tip. Despite its unique flexibility, it offers significantly better leg stability than the Aktiv model due to its edge shaping.




Ricosta Ronny Bobux Aktiv 


- quality all-leather processing

- conservative design, universal use

- very flexible sole

- fixation with two Velcro straps

- stable outsole with good adhesion

- outsole quilted around perimeter






- attractive design

- light, soft

- one Velcro strap fixation

- a "rounded" outsole offering greater standing stability

- no trench at the top

- cotton lining






 author: Martin Vala