PEDAG Liquid Waterproofer 75 ml PEDAG Liquid Waterproofer 75 ml

Intensive impregnation (10 times stronger than spray)
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10,80 EUR

It is a strong impregnating concentrate with nutrition. PEDAG Liquid Waterproofer is an intensive impregnation (10 times thicker) which is suitable for leather soles , seams , smooth leather, nubuck, suede, fabric and all membranes. In summer it is suitable for insoles, prevents "dirt". Impregnation protects against water, dirt and stains. Keeps material flexible and breathable.

  • contains nutrition
  • just use it every two months
  • ideal for use in rooms (suitable for asthmatics)
  • ecological - does not contain PFOS / PFOA

Directions for use: After shaking, apply to cleaned shoes and allow to dry for 6 hours. After drying, polish smooth skin (with a cloth or brush), brush the cut skin.