Moccis Moccis


Like other brands, mom is the founder of the company - Anna Wetterlin, whose children love running, climbing and games. And like all children, sometimes they also slip and fall, tear their socks and when you give them slippers, they complain they are too warm and they are very uncomfortable with them. So Anne was searching for the moccasins that could be worn by their children, the same as she did when she was a little girl, and which would not limit them in the movement. She found them, of course, but they were mostly featureless, boring, bringing no cheerfulness to the children's world. And at the time she decided to do something like this on her own. She started to work with a producer in Sweden, where she also grew up. She is designing a cheerful and fun sock-moccasin for both children and adults, so you can match up with your daughter or son and start together playing  princesses, knights, meet crocodiles in the jungle or to go exploring penguins in the Antarctic. Country of productionSweden.

The opinion of NEOBUTO: Really very good quality, "cool", washable „sock-moccasins“ suitable both for the first  and also further and further as well as bigger and bigger steps. Suitable for home, kindergarten or even outside when it's dry weather.