Massage hedgehog Massage hedgehog

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3,20 EUR

Hedgehog is suitable for exercise and massage of feet and palms, it serves to stimulate skin nerve endings. Massage hedgehogs are used in rehabilitation centers during rehabilitation exercises after injuries of hands and fingers. It can also be used in post-operative conditions for mild massage and strengthening of fingers and joints on hands. Various handles and grips are practiced with them. The massage hedgehog has soft protrusions on the whole surface suitable for grips, reflex massage of palms, soles of feet and whole body. It is also suitable for blood circulation and restoration of sensitivity after surgery.

Rubber protrusions have rounded, blunt ends that press against the soft structures of the body without causing bruising or injury. Barbed balls are also suitable for blood circulation and restoring sensitivity after surgery or injury.

The balls are made of harmless material, their surface is washable and does not require any complicated maintenance.

Size: 6 cm