Jonap Jonap


Company JONAP – production of footwear Ltd. was created by the transformation of Josef Píšek Paseka 85, which was founded in 1992. From the beginning  the company deals with production of footwear and sewing of upper parts of footwear. Since 1998 the production of children’s home footwear has been their main activity. In 2008 they expanded production to include children's leather footwear which they manufacture according to the health principles. Children's footwear is properly certified by ITC Zlín, the state testing service, and has the right to use marking „The SAFETY FOOTWEAR“ awarded by the Czech Footwear Association in Zlín. Country of productionCzechia

The opinion of NEOBUTO: The North Moravian company comes to the market alongside classic footwear also with barefoot shoes and we are happy to have them in our offer. The shoes are suitable for wide little feet with a dominant big toe and a low instep. The autumn and winter versions are equipped with a membrane. Thanks to the very soft soles these shoes guarantee comfort even in chilly days.