The Councils for bad weather Care shoes

Care shoes

With the approaching cold and rainy days, it would be good to prepare your shoes for this period and repeat the basic steps for maintenance and care.

1) If your child is able to test the shoes properly in the mud, there is nothing better to clean than Pedag skin soap.

For small dirt then foam, for example from Collonil, which contains a cleaning sponge and is for all kinds of materials.

2) After the shoes are beautifully clean, it is necessary to provide smooth skin with nutrition.

This can be applied with bee balm, cream or conditioner. We have been successful with Seax bee balm, a great organic cream from Collonil or a nourishing conditioner from Pedag. They are all natural and smell beautiful, so greasing shoes can become a pleasant job.

3) The last and important step is to impregnate the shoes against moisture. There is a wide range of options, from universal sprays with carbon, nano or a combination of these, to special sprays for specific materials - for example, your favorite velor and nubuck we can use a spray that also revives hair color, ideal for glitter or metallic materials Perfekt finish spray from Pedag, for smooth skin we can use a spray with UV protection or impregnation with nutrition: this or this. We also recommend impregnating rubber boots so that the rubber does not rub and crack over time, this product is great for this.

If the shoes are not sufficiently dry after outdoor activities, but need to be impregnated quickly before the next adventure, we can recommend Protector foam, which can be applied to wet shoes.


We wish you a beautiful coming season and keep your feet dry!