Camper Peu Red

Camper Peu

The red leather Campers in size 28, or "pampers", as their four-year-old owner calls them, settled in our shoe this spring and replaced the current Bobux Blaze Tiger Flame, which I thought few would trump.

Capmer Peu Red, mentioned here, is made of fine, slightly raster natural leather, which is sewn with unobtrusive stitches. The thread is in the color of the model and does not affect the overall monochromatic character of the shoe. The cut is simple, smooth and lacing is solved by flat elastic without unnecessary overlaps with knots at the ends. The shoe is not laced, does not turn on, just called. For children absolutely ideal solution. The inner lining is textile, only the stressed areas and tongue are lined with soft smooth leather. The inner insole is slightly profiled around the heel, but without significant support of the arch or undesirable increase of the sole.

The sole in this case is honey-colored, matte with a rugged tread pattern characteristic of the Camper models. The sole lines the shoe from all sides and protrudes slightly higher in the heel, little finger and toe area. The sewing is below the surface of the hem and is thus protected from damage. Pleasantly soft shoe before wearing after wearing it softens not only in bending, but also in torsion.

Although the skin is quite durable, after some time, abrasions and scratches appear at the top and it goes without saying that it must be regularly treated with cream or wax to maintain its properties.

Although not the intention, Camper Peu has an unexpectedly elegant impression on children. I am convinced that when it meets the basic care of this leather shoe it will maintain a long life and will not lose its properties.