Camper Camper


family business based in Mallorca in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxa, who came from a shoemaking family. However, the roots date back to 1877, when Lorenzo's grandfather, a skilled shoemaker, set out from Mallorca to England and brought back the first sewing machines on the island and with them a revolutionary approach to traditional footwear. Camper shoes are still designed and developed in the heart of Mallorca, Inca. Camper is currently leading the fourth generation of the Flux family. The environmentally friendly design was introduced in 2000 and became the basis for the classic Camper Peu range. Country of production: Vietnam

The opinion of NEOBUTO: Camper has introduced the Peu compromise range, suitable for wider feet, which stands out for its unmistakable design and our favorite elastic laces, which we have already purchased for individual sale.