COMPARATIVE REVIEWS Bundgaard Walk TEX vs. Filii Mamba TEX

Bundgaard Walk TEX vs. Filii Mamba TEX

The weather is really, it seems like on a swing, and the temperature fluctuations these days indicate that. In rainy, cold weather, it wants shoes not too warm, but rather weather resistant. TEX models Walk (Bundgaard) and Mamba (Filii) could be a great choice. Both models are characterized by good workmanship and high durability of the upper. Its shape fits on a medium-wide foot, while the Walk model fits better for higher instep and Mamba is suitable for a significantly low foot profile. Mamba is lower, but compensates its height by a durable rubberized rim protruding above the edge of the sole. The soles are in both cases soft, well adhering to the mat and with a flap covering the toe. In this case, the foils are still on the "old" type of sole, the new models have a different design and better shape. Upper is textile, single cut with TEX membrane (Mamba) or smooth leather also with TEX membrane and with a rugged cut double stitched (Walk). Inner lining in leather (Walk) or textile (Mamba) and fixation over instep with two Velcro straps. Mamba also has a reflective element and a slip on the heel.

Bundgaard Walk TEX Filii Mamba TEX

Leather of glazed leather

a high hoe at the top

double stitched seams 



combination of fabric and synthetic materials

vegan version

reflective elements