COMPARATIVE REVIEWS Bundgaard Tannu vs. Froddo Prewalkers

Bundgaard Tannu vs. Froddo Prewalkers

Quite recently, two seemingly identical shoe models came to hand - the well-known and widespread Croatian Froddo Prewalkers and the Danish Bundgaard Tannu. Although they are two distant and completely different countries, they managed to combine important criteria for shoes suitable for children in the first months of walking alone. They differ in slight characteristics, which may, however, be important and decisive in the selection of shoes for freshly walking children. I present in my opinion the most important pluses and minuses of each model, according to which you can better orientate, but as always I recommend personal testing and advice of experienced staff.

Bundgaard Tannu Froddo Prewalkers 
 + overall wider, suitable for wider narrow foot compared to Froddo Prewalkers
+ better respect the dominant thumb
+ rather for the more advanced pedestrians
+ more suitable for narrower heel
+ withstand more mechanical stress
+ replacing the insole with more flexible will completely change the characteristics of the shoe
+ suitable for beginners as a natural transition to footwear
+ suitable for a generally narrow leg
+ very light
+ thin sole very soft in bending
+ outsole material adheres better to a smooth surface, does not slip
 - they are bigger and heavier than Froddo Prewalkers
- the sole is multilayered and higher

- the sole is stiffer in flexion but softens when worn 
- it is advisable to carefully monitor the shape of the foot at the toes
- insole is glued, can not be removed