Bogs Baby Classic


Strong oval ears on the sides and fabulous color patterns. These are probably the most noticeable characters that will come to your eye when you see the amazing BOGS shoes. I say amazing because I am lucky and I found one among my children whose foot shape suited them well. We have had one winter season and I can share my experience.

First of all it is necessary to say that the original collection was more suitable for a narrower foot, which should be changed by the new collection. I was sorry for all the children with the wider leg type who were deprived of a great BOGS shoe experience. Thanks to the oval openings, they are very easy to slip and it will also seduce small toddlers. Shoes, I think, very well crafted, have mostly hidden seams and the only zigzag stitch, which leads from the toe instep to the edge of the shoe, I consider rather a design element, because despite its slight rubbing the toe still holds together! The entire upper of BOGS shoes is made of a special waterproof material in a combination of distinctive cheerful patterns and colors. The sole is artificial, low with a distinctive quite deep profile reminiscent of inequality of minerals or tree bark. The outsole does not slip and wears significantly and unexpectedly after a short time. The sole is glued to the upper and stitched with embedded stitch. Despite the use mainly in extreme conditions, the shoe does not detach! When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, even after repeated washing, the colors do not lose their satiety and the artificial fur forming the lining of the shoe in its entirety, fuzziness and is still very pleasant to the touch. Artificial fur is not very strong, but in combination with the material of the upper the shoes are very warm. Thanks to its closed shoe concept, with only a slit in the back above the achilles tendon, snow or leaves do not enter or fall into the shoes, which is not the case with other lace-up shoes. The fact that the materials used are exclusively artificial allows for very rapid drying of moisture. Unlike other winter boots, BOGS is also unexpectedly lightweight. We are very pleased with them and we will get used to it when they are not available in our size.