COMPARATIVE REVIEWS Beda Barefoot Sneakers vs. Fare Bare Sneakers

Beda Barefoot Sneakers vs. Fare Bare Sneakers

Last Sunday indicated that spring is really behind the door, so it's time to look at the spring models for wider feet. Shoes from collections seem to be very suitable Beda BF Sneakers and Fare Bare Sneakers. I have on the table specifically model Tobias from Beda brand and features and workmanship similar to the equivalent of Fare Bare (without the name of model). Both models are suitable, as already written, for a rather wide, large foot. The main material is leather, simple cut, workmanship is in both cases very good, the soles are glued, at Fare and quilted around the perimeter. The tread pattern of the outsole is non-violent. Fastening over the instep is in the form of Velcro straps - Beda has two straps, Fare one wider, the girders are metal. Wide feet, ie according to the ShapeSign system: D, E, F. For narrower heel, Fare is more suitable, while Beda will be better suited for wide heel shapes. The soles are thin in both cases, without drop and offer very good contact with the surface.

Beda BF Sneakers Fare Bare Sneakers 

toe wide enough with a rather rounded arch

two instep straps - more suitable for higher instep

more space in the heel

areaheels with anatomically shaped cut respecting the Achilles tendon

toe wide with striking plenty of space for thumb

glued and stitched outsole

one strap over the instep - more suitable for lower instep

decent embroidery