For the first safe footsteps Attipas Ringle Yellow

Attipas shoes make the baby's foot more comfortable for her transition from barefoot life to footwear.
Color: for Girls for Boys
Season: Spring Summer Autumn Winter
First Walk: Yes No
Shapesign: Letter A Letter B Letter C Letter D Letter E Letter F
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27,60 EUR

Ringle shoes are designed for children who like a nice warm and colorful colors. A thick cotton sock will provide enough comfort for the young child's desire to explore the world. The slightly extravagant color design adds the playfulness that belongs to childhood. The thermoplastic outsole ensures sufficient perception of the surface on which the small explorers are located. Children will be thrilled not only by their playful style, but above all by their comfort. They are amazingly flexible, with a thin outsole for proper baby foot development. Wide toe provides plenty of space for fingers, breathable outsole does not sweat. Another plus is that they are machine washable.

NEOBUTO: who doesn't look at Brazil when looking at colors? :-)

ShapeSign: For A -shaped feet, the length of the thumb should be taken into account. For the C shape, the shoe is generally too wide, but may suit.

SoleThermoplastic rubber (100% non-toxic)
UpperCotton, Nylon, Spandex, Elastane