Affenzahn Affenzahn


The German company Affenzahn brings to the market a quality and precisely executed assortment of shoes, but also cheerful backpacks and luggage for children. From the outset, the company emphasizes the quality and ethical aspects of shoe production - Affenzahn is a member of the Fair Wear Group, which controls workplace conditions in clothing factories and compliance with human rights standards. To produce shoes, the company uses recycled plastics and other materials in combination with natural materials, and therefore shoes are of high quality, functional and at the same time do not burden the natural environment. Country of production:

The opinion of NEOBUTO: Great snowballs for narrower feet, where children can play in the snow and on the ice and you can be sure that the feet are warm. The shoes have a nice shape, respecting the dominance of the thumb, 2.5mm EVA heel with zero heel, which includes a 3mm structured layer, preventing slipping feet on snow and ice. They are made of wool, microfiber and recycled plastic bottles. They have a waterproof membrane, but it is breathable and allows the leg to breathe. The shoe contains reflective elements for better visibility and as a bonus picture divided into two parts for easier resolution of the right and left side.